GESO: Hurunui Dambusters Protest

David Mann dmann at
Fri Oct 16 02:17:41 EDT 2009

A protest was held here today to oppose an irrigation scheme that's  
being put in on the Hurunui River in North Canterbury.  Dairy farming  
is making massive amounts of foreign exchange for our country but  
there's a bit of resentment about its environmental impact, so damming  
up a river for an irrigation project isn't the most popular of ideas.

The protesters were mostly made up of kayakers, fishermen and  
environmental advocates.  The march ran along the Avon River from the  
Bridge of Remembrance to Victoria Square in Christchurch City.


I don't consider this to be my best work but I did what I could given  
the conditions.  Sorry about the small size of the pics, I'm limited  
to a certain width & height and most of the photos were portrait  

The K10D showed itself once again to be a robust camera.  It wasn't  
fazed by the rain, and it came out muddy but undamaged when I slipped  
on the riverbank and landed sideways.  The hood broke off my lens (FA  
24mm) and separated into two pieces.  Not the first time I've done  
that so I'll just glue it back together again.  My right arm still  
feels a bit strange and I'm expecting it to bruise tomorrow.


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