PESO: Street shooting in and around Boston

Miserere miserere at
Thu Oct 15 20:17:19 EDT 2009

2009/10/15 ann sanfedele <annsan at>:
> Ok  -
> The person on the snowy stairs in Somerville and "pixie" are my top two.
> Pixie made me laugh out loud...
> Nice overall.. but I think Empathy and Dapper are a bit too "glam" to be
> street shots and belong somewhere else.
> That is, in another grouping... even if they were taken without their
> knowledge and on the fly, they look too much like
> fashion stuff to me to be street grabs.
> Look forward to meeting you in Boston sometime - it is one destination I'm
> able to get to more often than others -
> but this weekend Boston is coming here.
> ann

Glam? Too glam? LOL, Ann! :-D

The lady in "Empathy" was reading one of the stones at the Holocaust
Memorial in Boston. While she is good looking, I never envisioned the
photo as "glam". But Photography is as much about the viewer as it is
about the photographer, so I appreciate your views. Thanks!

Let me know when you're in town; I'm all to happy to meet fellow Pentaxians.



PS: Seriously? *GLAM*???  :-D


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