PESO 2009 - 171 - GDG

Godfrey DiGiorgi ramarren at
Thu Oct 15 20:37:24 EDT 2009

A call went out from the Media Center in Palo Alto for a studio video  
production that sounded interesting. I had the time but no experience.  
So I went anyway. Ended up they were short-handed and I was trained on  
the spot in the use of the graphics unit, so I got to participate in  
the shoot as the Graphics operator.

Loved it. Back in the control room again ... memories of when I was  
doing amateur theater, running the stage lighting, working production,  
etc. A very seductive thing for me. Must do more.

Speaking of the Media Center, I'm offering two image processing  
workshop sessions and they're coming up soon... one on Photoshop and  
one on Lightroom. More info on the blog post.

I've got several seats yet to fill for both, and it would be great to  
have you there.
Please tell your friends too! :-)

thanks for looking,
  a photo blog:

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