The collection went away

Bob W pdml at
Thu Oct 15 14:16:18 EDT 2009

> I actually would like to fine tune my existing organization. 
> But it seems that that may be best done in lightroom, rather 


> > 4. understand what Collections are
> They seem to be just a set of pointers to files in multiple 
> directories.
> > 5. Learn about Smart Collections
> Will do. I have an innate distrust of anything labeled 
> "Smart" as part of a computer system.

It's the diffence between enumerating a set, and a comprehensive set
specification. That's all. A stored and named search, if you prefer.

> > 6. create a new folder and always import straight into 
> that, using LR 
> > to manage the organisation. Don't move any files around 
> unless you use 
> > LR to do the moving.
> Do you mean just have one directory for importing into?


> My normal workflow is to copy, or move, the files from my SD 
> card onto a named file on my linux desktop. [... Command line guff ...]

Lightroom can do all of that so it is an inefficient use of your time to do
it with command lines. You can still do that if you want to, and Import into
LR while keeping the files under that same structure, but getting LR to do
it for you is essentially free - it's all on the Import dialog.

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