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In a time of  economic turmoil, it is hard not to resent a country
(government) which  exploits their poor, hard working masses to take
economic prosperity from  those who have become accustomed to living
with it and feel entitled to  it.  People will 'Buy American' again
when the folks here make good  quality products at the lowest price.
Asking for less is asking for you to  support me with an extra
'donation' because my nationality is the same as  yours.
Regards,  Bob S.

That's all well and  good, Bob, if you believe in globalization of the US 
economy. Me, I wouldn't  mind a little more protectionism. It definitely 
isn't a dirty word. I wonder how  many American tax payers realize they were 
paying taxes to a government that,  over years, facilitated corporations to 
move their businesses to another  country? Paid taxes to a government that 
directly helped them lose their jobs? I  wonder how many would be seriously 
ticked off? I know I was and I  am.

There is no use trying to put a pretty face on it, it isn't pretty,  it's 

And I still don't support communism or totalitarianism. Never  will.

Hopefully the Chinese will eventually form labor unions and lobby  for 
higher wages. Which they need to do for themselves, but will also in the  long 
run help everyone else too. Once things, wage-wise, are on an economic  
level, world-wise, then the level playing field will determine where jobs go  
based on expertise. 

(Of course, at that point, corporations will just  move their business to 
another country that allows the paying of their citizens  dirt wages. But it 
will take a long, long time before we run out of countries  like that.)


We can't solve problems  by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them. Albert Einstein   

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