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johnf at panix.com writes:
> I didn't. Evil  corporations did. I hope  a lot of them have gone or will 
> belly  up.

Sorry, Marnie - you don't get off that easily.   If you can  condemn a
Chinese individual purely based on your dislike of the policies of  his
government (as you did in your initial diatribe against the authors  of
the SIGGraph paper), then you too stand condemned by the policies  of
your government which permit those "evil corporations" to act that  way.

I NEVER said I condemned any Chinese  individual.

Here's what started this topic, and, BTW, it was someone  else.

+pc off+
they're chinese, what do you expect... howver, being  chinese, they
only use bad copies of the images so it shouldn't be a problem  ]=)
+pc on+

It was Ecke, and someone called him a Nazi. I felt he  was referring to the 
country, not the people. Go back through the thread and  read.

So I went on to say things about the country, never said anything  about 
the people. Distort it all you want. I do not support China, the country  or 
government. Never have, never will. BUY AMERICAN!!!

And I'd be crazy  to considering our current economic crisis. 

This is like one of those  rumor games, where people whisper something in a 
circle, it goes around the  circle and comes back as something almost 
completely different.

UP  American jobs, DOWN exporting to China (and India and anywhere  else).

Marnie aka Doe  I am a liberal, BTW, and pretty PC. I also  support jobs 
and labor. I bow out of this discussion now, you do with it what  you will. 

We  can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created  them. Albert Einstein  

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