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> Marnie  :-)  Not to   mention they are a totalitarian government that 
locks up 
> political  dissents (and  censoring of the web for their citizens, etc.). 
>  Frankly, I don't see much to  recommend them.

Reason enough to  dislike their government, but still not reason enough 
to be prejudiced  against the people.

I am not. Never said I  was. 

I am against China as a country. I resent the US, a supposed  democracy, 
having its debts being owned by China, a totalitarian government. I  think 
there is a bigger issue there that is very scary.

I also think  people are stupid if they don't think that 27 million 
unemployed in the US  (which counts those that have fallen off the unemployment 
rolls because they are  no longer looking) doesn't have something to do with 
our jobs being outsourced  to various other countries, and with most of our 
manufacturing jobs now being in  China. The largest part of our current 
economic problem is people don't have  jobs/can't get jobs. Then they lose their 
houses, states lose property taxes,  and state governments cut back on jobs 
and services. It's a viscous cycle. This  did not all come from wall street, 
the basis of the problem is not enough  jobs.

There are countries I do not support. I don't see why, under any  
conditions, that I have to. 

What? We are supposed to LOVE China now?  When did that happen. Give me a 
Marnie aka Doe 

We  can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created  them. Albert Einstein

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