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paul stenquist pnstenquist at comcast.net
Thu Oct 15 07:48:15 EDT 2009

The menus are actually less fiddly in use, as you don't have to scroll  
to find what you want. The info screen bugged me at first. I don't  
even notice it any more -- 8000 frames later. High ISO RAW performance  
is about the same as the K20D, but metering is much more accurate, so  
the results are usually less noisy. Much better metering, considerably  
better autofocus (particularly i low light,) longer battery life, and  
faster write speed are the main benefits to my mind.
On Oct 15, 2009, at 4:16 AM, Jens wrote:

> Hello All
> The postman brought me a brand new K-7 yesterday. I just opened the  
> box this morning.
> It amazed me how small it is. Many buttons have been relocated. The  
> overall first impression is: More toy, less tool (I love my K20D,  
> which is going to ebay shortly)!
> It annoys me somewhat that the info-screen keeps popping up. Maybe I  
> can turn this off. The menues have become more complicated, less  
> streight foreward. I have heard that the image quality have improved  
> considerably. I hope this means less noise at high ISO? I do like  
> the lockable program-wheel, I've offten missed this. I like the wide  
> exposure correction range.
> I am looking foreward to giving it a good exersize during the  
> upcomming fall hollidays -and on Mondays, which at the moment are my  
> only, weekly workingday as a pro photographer ;-)
> Regards
> Jens
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