°SOUTH: WAR / 2009 Nikon-Walkley Press Photo

Derby Chang derbyc at iinet.net.au
Thu Oct 15 07:11:45 EDT 2009

Popped into the opening of a pretty compelling double exhibition tonight 
at the Australian Centre for Photography

The Nikon Walkley awards are an annual press award, and the photo 
section is always seriously good viewing. I distinctly remember the 
series of photos from the Lin family funeral. They were a family 
murdered here in my suburb, in fact I used to buy a lot of my 
photography magazines from their newsagency. The photographer was 
working for the local newspaper. Normally I never open the paper, but 
the shots so moving, I had to go through the whole article. The case 
remains unsolved.

°SOUTH are a pretty legendary bunch of characters, including Tim Page, 
David Dare Parker, and the amazing Sean Flynn. The show is hard going, 
but very much worth the effort

Highly recommended.




derbyc at iinet.net.au

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