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Subash wrote:
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>> though, personally i would  say your way of stating the 'problem' is,
>> hmmm, a lot more  non-prejudicial?
>> ============
>> I think those of us in the US can be  prejudiced against China just
>> fine.
>> Places like Wal-mart (Target, etc.)  and the loss of tons and tons of 
>> American manufacturing/toy making/clothes  making jobs. 
>> Minor stuff, you know, like that.
>> Marnie :-) Not to  mention they are a totalitarian government that
>> locks up political dissents (and  censoring of the web for their
>> citizens, etc.). Frankly, I don't see much to  recommend them.
> you are, of course, welcome to your prejudices. though i would tend to
> think that your government and your corporate culture are to be equally
> blamed for your current economic mess. or are you looking for easy
> scapegoats?
> as for political systems, let the chinese take the call on that. not
> everyone has to be or even wants to be like you (you as in 'political
> you'), you know. it's an old, evolving culture and i am sure they can
> work out for themselves all the contradictions and different pulls that
> entails. or, do you want to send in the B-52s? :)
It's really hard to make the case that the Chinese people choose to let 
the Communist Party run their county when the PLA runs protesters down 
with tanks...


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