PESO (s) -- Oh, Sorry, Abstract Seating, Rabbit Test

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at
Thu Oct 15 04:46:04 EDT 2009

Not really a GESO since these shots are more or less unrelated.

"Oh...  Sorry"

You ever have one of those shots, that you see the elements coming 
together, there's just going to be one chance, and just as you press the 
shutter something ruins it?

Well the unfocused guy on the right just poked his head into the frame 
to see what I was doing just as I pressed the shutter.  His words are 
the title...

Equipment: Pentax K20D/ w smc Pentax FA 43mm Limited f1.9

"Abstract Seating"

Another night shot

Equipment: Pentax K20D/ w smc Pentax A 28mm Limited f2.8

"Rabbit Test"

Another test with the Kalamar Mirror Telephoto.  Shot Hand Held at ISO 
1600 Shutter 1/40 sec.  I'm actually amazed at how good this turned out, 
SR really does work and the lens is more or less acceptable, though the 
contrast has to be bumped up a bit in post.

Equipment:  Pentax K20D/Kalamar MC 500mm Mirror Telephoto f8.0


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