K-7 in the mail

Jens pdml at planfoto.dk
Thu Oct 15 04:16:27 EDT 2009

Hello All
The postman brought me a brand new K-7 yesterday. I just opened the box this morning.
It amazed me how small it is. Many buttons have been relocated. The overall first impression is: More toy, less tool (I love my K20D, which is going to ebay shortly)! 
It annoys me somewhat that the info-screen keeps popping up. Maybe I can turn this off. The menues have become more complicated, less streight foreward. I have heard that the image quality have improved considerably. I hope this means less noise at high ISO? I do like the lockable program-wheel, I've offten missed this. I like the wide exposure correction range.

I am looking foreward to giving it a good exersize during the upcomming fall hollidays -and on Mondays, which at the moment are my only, weekly workingday as a pro photographer ;-)   


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