Mac version of ScanTags now available (with any luck)

David Mann dmann at
Thu Oct 15 03:26:29 EDT 2009

On Oct 15, 2009, at 8:52 AM, steve harley wrote:

> it's worth noting one can open a Terminal window, type  
> "ScanTags" (assuming it's in the path) and a space, then drag a  
> bunch of files from the Finder to the Terminal window and hit return

If you don't have it in your path, just drag the ScanTags icon into  
the terminal.  The full path and filename will appear, just like any  
other file you drag in.

I use this feature quite a lot for changing directories or  
transferring files with scp.

BTW this reminds me of a great little Windows utility called Direct  
Folders.  If you have a file "open" or "save" dialog open, you can  
simply click onto any open Explorer window and the dialog will switch  
to whatever folder is open in Explorer.  Similar to how you can drag a  
folder onto a Mac dialog to change into it, but one less step.

It's one of those utilities that will change your life and you'll  
wonder how you ever did without it.


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