OT Who needs Photoshop?

Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Thu Oct 15 03:05:18 EDT 2009

> ============
> I think those of us in the US can be  prejudiced against 
> China just fine.
> Places like Wal-mart (Target, etc.)  and the loss of tons and tons of 
> American manufacturing/toy making/clothes  making jobs. 
> Minor stuff, you know, like that.

Well that happened because it's in the nature of American capitalism and
because a) you (plural) bought on price or b) the opposition supplied better
quality goods.

> Marnie :-) Not to  mention they are a totalitarian government 
> that locks up 
> political dissents (and  censoring of the web for their 
> citizens, etc.). 
> Frankly, I don't see much to  recommend them.

Indeed, they have a despicable political system. But it's you guys who
exported your own jobs and capital to China, buying cheap and by thinking
that credit doesn't have to be repaid some day.

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