Lurker comes out for a second...

John Coyle jcoyle at
Thu Oct 15 00:42:07 EDT 2009

Good to see you back Cesar... and don't feel shy about carrying the *ist-D,
it's still my only digital SLR!
You wouldn't get any criticism about the M3 though...

John in Brisbane

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Greetings PDML!

Many here may not even remember me - I have been quiet for too long.  My 
I have changed jobs - my old one is moving to Georgia eventually - but I 
was able to remain with the same company.
I am now working at Eglin AFB.
I have a business trip to Ft. Monmouth, NJ next week.  I arrive Sunday 
afternoon and depart Friday morning.

Are there any PDMLers in the area?  Any that may be interested in 
getting together after business hours?
Let me know.

Panama City, Florida

P.S. Will be carrying my "obsolete" *ist D with three Limited lenses and 
the 'pancake' 40mm and a 20mm.  Oh, I am thinking about carry my Leica 
M3 with Ilford 400 along for fun.  Never been to that area, but it could 
be fun...

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