Lurker comes out for a second...

Cesar Matamoros II cesar_abdul at
Thu Oct 15 00:08:29 EDT 2009

Yes Doug, you can.  I always keep it close by and current though I must 
admit that I have not used it in three years!
Did I ever mention to you that I actually made it to Huntington, WV?
It is a long story, actually one that may be better kept offlist...

Missing the listmeister - not because of his 'position',

Panama City, Florida

Doug Brewer wrote:
> Cesar Matamoros II wrote:
>> Greetings PDML!
>> Many here may not even remember me - I have been quiet for too long.  
>> My apologies.
>> I have changed jobs - my old one is moving to Georgia eventually - 
>> but I was able to remain with the same company.
>> I am now working at Eglin AFB.
>> I have a business trip to Ft. Monmouth, NJ next week.  I arrive 
>> Sunday afternoon and depart Friday morning.
>> Are there any PDMLers in the area?  Any that may be interested in 
>> getting together after business hours?
>> Let me know.
>> Cesar
>> Panama City, Florida
>> P.S. Will be carrying my "obsolete" *ist D with three Limited lenses 
>> and the 'pancake' 40mm and a 20mm.  Oh, I am thinking about carry my 
>> Leica M3 with Ilford 400 along for fun.  Never been to that area, but 
>> it could be fun...
> can we see your passport, please?

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