My K2000 is here already

Dennis Gibson wb6tnb at
Wed Oct 14 23:05:21 EDT 2009

I don't know how Costco does it but I like it. I ordered the K2000 two lens 
package on their web site at 9:00 PM on Monday. I upgraded to UPS Second Day 
Air for a whopping $3.79; slower shipping is free. Originally they said it 
would be delivered on Thursday, which made sense. This morning the tracking 
said it would be delivered today. It arrived at 10:17 AM today, a little 
over 36 hours from when I placed the order. Gotta love that.

As I expected the lens mounts are plastic. Does anyone own both the original 
kit lens with the metallic mount and the newer one with the plastic mount? 
I'm tempted to use the older lens but I presume the camera was designed 
around the new lens. I should probably stick with the kit lens that came 
with it. Optically they're probably the same.

The build quality is down a little from the *ist DL but I expected that. 
It's decent. No hood for the kit lens this time although the one that came 
with the old kit lens fits the new one. It's probably just as well. I could 
never remember to take it off when using the built in flash and of course 
got the predictable result.

I probably won't have much time to do anything other than read the 
destruction manual until this weekend. 

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