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On Thu, 15 Oct 2009 08:35:10 +1100
Rob Studdert <distudio.pdml at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 15/10/2009, eckinator <eckinator at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 2009/10/14 Subash <pdml.live at gmail.com>:
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> > > a bit late on this but, nevertheless, here we go...
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> > > +pc off+
> > > for a nazi, i am sure you can do better ]=)
> > > +pc on+
> >
> > there is no answer to that. I abstain.
> > I apologize for prompting that response.
> However, to be fair, it's not difficult to find offical reports
> indicating the significance of copyright and other Intellectual
> Property Rights infringement in China.

perhaps. but that is part of a larger possible debate about
international trade practices and law and whether they've ever been fair
to everybody concerned over the last two centuries or so. there is  room
for different, equally valid views there and i certainly don't want to
get into that...

though, personally i would say your way of stating the 'problem' is,
hmmm, a lot more non-prejudicial?

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