Pesos: Where we get our Guinness in Rockbridge County

Brian Walters supera1000 at
Wed Oct 14 20:10:18 EDT 2009

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 14:41 -0400, "Desjardins, Steve"
<DesJardinS at> wrote:
> A set of pictures, the first of which belongs to the title:
> The second shot is a strange image of peeling paint that I think has an
> interesting look.  (You view may differ).  The third shot is from my
> daughter in Benin.  This is her dog Lukas, and I include this shot for
> the dog lovers on the list.  No Pentax content, unfortunately.  I used
> the E-P1 and she has a Canon SD-600.

First shot: I really like this one - a real grungy look.  I can just
imagine something dark and frothy emerging from the tap..... 

Second shot:  What is it about old peeling paintwork that appeals to
photographers?  I thought this was a black and white image except for
the faint colour in the window reflection.  You could probably get some
interesting patterns in close ups of the paintwork alone.

Third shot:  That's cute!



Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia


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