The collection went away

Stan Halpin stan at
Wed Oct 14 19:01:43 EDT 2009

On Oct 14, 2009, at 4:24 PM, Larry Colen wrote:

>  However their methodology of file handling seems a bit
> weird at times.
Lightroom is built around SQL. Like any database program, the  
organizational structure is designed to facilitate storage and  
retrieval, not necessarily user comprehension. Good news about this  
approach is that it allows very fast processing of search/sort/ 
retrieval requests from among tens of thousands records (images). As  
others havwe suggested, file it and forget it. Lightroom can find it,  
you don't need to fret about an organizational structure that you can  
make sense of. If you have problems with Lightroom, you can try to  
"learn Lightroom" or you can find  a general simple discussion of  
database systems and work from there.

Another good thing about Lightroom is that they have nicely layered  
the image processing functions onto the database functions without  
compromising either too badly.


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