The collection went away

Bob W pdml at
Wed Oct 14 17:48:50 EDT 2009

> This is a start on something that I now realize I need to 
> understand, the taxonomy of objects in lightroom. 
> instantly available. I generally like to partition my work 
> into managable sizes. I also don't necessarily want someone 
> to easily open up photos of my figure or fetish work, if I'm 
> showing them pictures of their kids. 
> I probably ought to partition the top level directories into 
> more than just year, with the second level directories 
> usually being some related set of photos (usually a 
> particular event), and possibly sub directories for each 
> loading of shots of the cards.

You're probably making unnecessary work for yourself by doing that. Among
others things, Lightroom is a tool for managing your collection of
photographs, so why do the work for it? My recommendation would be for you
to import everything into a single folder. Lightroom can organise it all for
you, and you can use keywords, metadata and collections to make it easy to
search and filter and ensure that people looking over your shoulder see only
what you intend them to see.


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