Peso - Washington 2

gldnbearz gldnbearz.pdml at
Wed Oct 14 17:56:32 EDT 2009

None of the aircraft were set-up for interior viewing.  Would have
been nice, although perhaps there isn't anything inside to see.

- Pat

On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 5:11 PM, John Francis <johnf at> wrote:
> I agree - that's an unusual take on the Concorde.
> There are several of them around at museums; I've got pictures of the one
> at the Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle.
> I do have to take exception to one thing, though - the Concorde isn't large.
> In fact if you take a look inside one the overwhelming impression is just
> how tiny this thing is.  If you want large, try the Airbus A380.  I got to
> see one of these at Heathrow when I was flying back to San Francisco, both
> at the terminal as I made my way to my gate, and taking off (about an hour
> before my flight was due to depart).

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