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Wed Oct 14 17:24:01 EDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 01:31:05PM -0700, Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 9:59 PM, Larry Colen <lrc at> wrote:
> > I started building a lightroom collection. I grabbed the shots from my
> > Sept 2010 library, moved to the October library and the collection was
> > no longer in the collection tab.  Is there any way of making a
> > collection of files that are in multiple libraries?
> I don't think you're using the term "library" correctly in the
> Lightroom context.

That's entirely possible.  My lightroom education consists of reading
the kelby book a couple of times and mostly just going in and trying
to get it to do what I need it to do. 

I see the words on the screen, and remember seeing them, but the ssh
interface for the mac is rather sucky, so I do email from my Linux
box. Since I'm self taught in lightroom, I've seen the words, and
applied my own interpretation to them, so when I'm working from
another computer I just remember the various similar sounding names
that I poke and prod at when I'm trying to do something.

I've got enough darkroom experience that the various exposure,
contrast curves and basics of the color balance knobs seem fairly
intuitive. However their methodology of file handling seems a bit
weird at times.

> - Collections can contain files from any Folder in the current catalog.
> - Collections are implemented in the catalog file and do not cross
> catalog boundaries.

This is a start on something that I now realize I need to understand,
the taxonomy of objects in lightroom. 

> So, if by "library" you mean you have a catalog containing files from
> "September 2010" and another catalog containing files from "October",
> you need to merge the catalogs in order to create a collection that
> contains files from both those sets.

That's likely what I mean. 
While it can be handy to have everything theoretically instantly
available. I generally like to partition my work into managable
sizes. I also don't necessarily want someone to easily open up photos
of my figure or fetish work, if I'm showing them pictures of their

I probably ought to partition the top level directories into more than
just year, with the second level directories usually being some
related set of photos (usually a particular event), and possibly sub
directories for each loading of shots of the cards.

I find that when the list of directories under "folders" gets too
long, it's a pain in the butt to try to sort things out, move them
around and such. Maybe another level of subdirectories would help, but
that may make it take even longer to load things up and change
catalogues(?) it says "open recent" not "open recent catalogue".

I suspect that I'm starting to run afoul of my plans to concentrate on
learning my camera first, so that I can get as much performance out of
it, and always have the option of going back and reprocessing the raw

If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get a real job soon and will be able to
afford to take one of your classes in post processing before too long.

The first step is learning to take great photos, 
the second step is learning to throw away ones that are merely good.
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