Question re GPS and geotagging

Bob W pdml at
Wed Oct 14 15:52:25 EDT 2009

> >
> > You could always do it the old-fashioned way and write it down in a 
> > notebook.
> "Excuse me sir, D'you know the name of this place, and that 
> mountain over there?"

I should think any traveller knows where he is at any given time in this day
and age, with the possible exception of Antarctica or PNG or similar places.
Even there I can't imagine you would be going in without a map, an itinerary
and the skills to use them.

> Works well most of the time, I agree. My case for buying a 
> GPS logger (it's in the mail as I write, been back-ordered 
> since about the time this thread started) is the trip to 
> Antarctica. There are comparatively few official names on 
> geographical features on that continent.

I can understand the need for a GPS in a case like this.

> The UK Antarctic Survey has a comprehensive list of suggested 
> names online, however biased towards English speaking 
> explorers' naming.
> It's a decent service anyway, though, as it usually lists any 
> known naming controversies. So, if one has a GPS location, 
> one can look up the point in the UK service database when 
> back home, and get a more decent set of references than any 
> available on one particular map. For this case a GPS beats a 
> pen and notebook, gloved hands down. :-)

I hope the GPS you've ordered has bigger buttons than mine!

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