OT 25 year old TX - exposed need to develop suggestions?

ann sanfedele annsan at nyc.rr.com
Tue Oct 13 21:11:40 EDT 2009

John Sessoms wrote:

> From: ann sanfedele
>> Scott Loveless wrote:
>>> >On 10/13/09, ann sanfedele <annsan at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
>>> >  >
>>>> >>Any tips?   My friend has 8 rolls of Tri-x  that have been stored 
>>>> away (but
>>>> >>who knows about various temperatures and stuff)
>>>> >>    >>
>>> > >Seat-of-your-pants method.  Increase development time by at least 
>>> 20%
>>> >and agitate the hell out of it.  Scan the negs and fix it in
>>> >Photoshop.
>>> >  > 
>> Hmmm perhaps I shouldn't take this on.   She has no desire to learn 
>> photoshop and has no scanner either.
> Once you have the negatives, the scan part is easy.

No S**t, Sherlock. :-)

> If it's 35mm, you could even get it done at just about any mini lab. 

It is 35mm...  
but trust me -  my friend Sara is NOT going to learn photoshop :)  
(see above)

> It'll give you fairly low res jpegs (~ 300 ppi), but you'd be able to 
> see if anything on the negatives is worth learning photoshop over. 

The way it would go is she would see if there was anything worth giving 
me negs to scan and photoshop.... :-)
Ive tried to get her into photoshop -- she actually has a fair amount of 
pleaasing photos -- she has a good eye,
just hates all the tech stuff -  and its pretty stressful for her and 
her main interests are elsewhere.

basically it is all family photos (she thinks) .. important personally, 

Just thought I'd throw it out to you guys in case someone had a good 
sugestion about getting it done for less that
$22 a roll or would want to give it a whirl for a more modest sum or 
knew someone who would.

No matter what, she would take one roll somewhere or give it to me to 
see if it would be worth doing.


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