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> Hmmm, long story, I'll try to shorten  it.
> The two buildings on the end right are closed and abandoned and have  been
> for some time. The store on the left end (with a bar) is still open. It is
> a lot newer that than the others (relatively speaking).
> This is a very,  very small town (basically five buildings) that is verging
> on being a ghost  town. The Emporium & Bar and the Post Office (not shown)
> struggle to keep  going. It is in Northern Northern California.
> I stopped by at the end of  my Oregon/Washington trip, in the valley where
> my father grew up, and again took  some photos. I have shown a few before on
> list.
> The middle building is my  great grandfather's store. He and my other great
> grandfather both came to CA for  the Gold Rush. Neither made any money from
> finding gold, but one ended up having  a very successful cattle ranch, and
> this one ended up opening the first chain  stores in Northern California
> (general stores).
> I, oops, accidentally,  took a whole digital "roll" overexposed. I thought
> I had it set on AV and the  dial had been pushed to manual. (That won't
> happen again, now I will check every  time.)
> Using Lightroom and suggestions from a new Lightroom book I got, I  was
> actually able to recover a couple.
> The rest had interesting effects.  I sort of like this one.
> Certainly good enough for the "cover" of a PDF I  am doing on my family
> history (for family  members).
> Tell  me if you agree.
> (I've thought about taking the foliage out from under  the tree, but think
> that might not be an improvement. I've also thought about  adding
> vignetting, ditto, might not improve it.)

Timeless photo, beautifully rendered.



"Sharpness is a bourgeois concept."  -Henri Cartier-Bresson

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