GESO - Dolcenera

Dario Bonazza dario.bonazza at
Tue Oct 13 11:46:27 EDT 2009

For those having some spare time at hand, here is a new picture gallery of 
mine, shot last Saturday at a Dolcenera concert in Ravenna.

I went there just out of curiosity, but it ended up being a terrific show, 
so I'm very glad I didn't miss it.

Most pictures were shot @ ISO 1600 with K20D + Sigma EX 2.8/200mm, hence the 
well-visible flare and ghost images in some pics, which don't hurt so much 
in this case. On the contrary, I've purposedly gone after those 'effects' 
more than once during the show. A few shots are taken with my trusty FA 

Enjoy, if you feel like that. Nothing really new there, hence comments are 
welcome, but not sought after spasmodically.


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