OT 25 year old TX - exposed need to develop suggestions?

Anthony Farr farranthony at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 11:27:44 EDT 2009

> Two words - Base Fog

Three more words - latent image regression.  So don't be tempted to
reduce development.  In fact the severely low density difference
between elvated base+fog and reduced highlight density calls for
increased development and to hell with fog.  You can reduce that later
with Farmer's Reducer (potassium ferricyanide and fixer).  Farmer's
can restore a "normal" looking base+fog before too much reduction of
highlight density happens (if you get it right).  Using the two part
method would be safer if you're not well practised in using Farmer's.
Instead of combining the ferri and the fixer, you do the reduction in
ferri alone, the excess density will turn milky instead of clear, as
the silver is rehalogenated but not cleared, because there's no fixer
in it.  If you go too far you can restore the density, as much or as
little as you want, by redeveloping it before you fix it.

Another technique is to completely rehalogenate the foggy negative in
potassium ferricyanide (no fixer), and then redevelop it "to taste",
allowing you to use a harder or softer developer than the first time
around to fine-tune the contrast and fog level.  You can do this in
room light without fear of fogging because the negative density is
restricted to those parts that were developed in the initial
processing.  In fact you need light to re-expose the rehalogenated
silver.  You can theoretically do this forever up until you fix, but
remember that increasing the wet time usually increases grain.

I loved this kind of darkroom black art.  I have some neglected
undeveloped films somewhere that might need this technique.  Someday

regards, Anthony

   "Of what use is lens and light
    to those who lack in mind and sight"

2009/10/13 Joseph McAllister <pentaxian at mac.com>:
> On Oct 13, 2009, at 01:12 , ann sanfedele wrote:
>> What are the chances anything worthwhile could come out of them?
>> Basically, they are pictures of her oldest daughter
>> (I bet there is more than that in there)
>> Any suggestions about processing them?  I used to do all my own stuff, as
>> some of you know, but never worked
>> on film that had been shot so long before developing.
>> T I A
>> ann
> Two words - Base Fog
> A contrast killer.
> Joseph McAllister
> pentaxian at mac.com

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