OT 25 year old TX - exposed need to develop suggestions?

mike wilson m.9.wilson at ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 13 09:25:02 EDT 2009

---- ann sanfedele <annsan at nyc.rr.com> wrote: 
> Any tips?   My friend has 8 rolls of Tri-x  that have been stored away 
> (but who knows about various temperatures and stuff)
> Modernage was going to charge her $22 each for D and C...  (ouch)  we 
> both thought about her getting one roll done as a test
> As it happens, btw, they were all taken with a Pentax 1000 I believe  or 
> a KX
> What are the chances anything worthwhile could come out of them?   
> Basically, they are pictures of her oldest daughter
> (I bet there is more than that in there)  
> Any suggestions about processing them?  I used to do all my own stuff, 
> as some of you know, but never worked
> on film that had been shot so long before developing.
> T I A

If you can find a lab willing to take it on you need a clip test first, to evaluate just which way to go.  IIRC, the lab in Colorado that specialises in outdated technology (do I "grrr" or 8-) here?) might be of some assistance.  Can't find the URL in my bookmarks but I think it was called something like Rocky Mountain Lab.

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