OT: Question re GPS and geotagging

Doug Franklin jehosephat at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 13 08:23:11 EDT 2009

Mark Roberts wrote:
> Peter Loveday wrote:
>>> My current GPS is a Garmin Etrex Vista.
>> Is that the original Vista or the HCx version - which is supposedly much 
>> better sensitivity?
>  I have the HCx - great sensitivity and locks onto satellites *fast*.
> Downside? Try reading the display without glasses if you're over 40...

That's what the "zoom" button is for. :-)  But I'm usually either using 
it in an urban setting or on the highway, as opposed to knocking about 
in the woods.  I do wish that there was one more (pair of) button(s) to 
directly control the backlight.

DougF (KG4LMZ)

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