OT: Question re GPS and geotagging

eckinator eckinator at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 04:04:55 EDT 2009

Howdy Doug
I have the Legend HCx (same model line I believe) and want to do the
same, would you mind sharing your experience/advice, please?

2009/10/13 Doug Franklin <jehosephat at mindspring.com>:
> I've got an eTrex Vista HCx and I've been very happy with it.  However, I
> haven't pushed it all that hard.  I was lucky enough to find some excellent
> free maps for Bulgaria before I went there, and I've added the North
> American maps since.  I didn't have any trouble doing geotagging with the
> K10D, HCx, and one of the free tagging programs.  I also haven't had any
> trouble pulling tracks from the device or downloading maps to it via the
> software Garmin provides, except that I've had some issues with getting maps
> activated, not altogether resolved.  I've even stuck it in the pocket of my
> driving suit on the track before.  I was driving an old 1st gen RX-7, and it
> had trouble seeing enough satellites to keep the accuracy tight, but still
> did surprisingly well.  I figure it would have done much better mounted
> under the windshield instead of in my "pants pocket" under the metal roof of
> the car.
> --
> Thanks,
> DougF (KG4LMZ)

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