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On Oct 12, 2009, at 17:18 , John Francis wrote:

>>> A Tram is a usually a large gondola car hanging from and moved by
>>> wires to which it is fastened either permanently or by grippers to
>>> transport users over any ground level obstacles. It can also be a
>>> railcar that is fashioned to climb a very steep mountain or hill,  
>>> some
>>> powered by their own motive power and a counterweight, some by cable
>>> drive powered at the top or bottom of the run.
>> Sorry, forgot to add that a Tram used to climb steep hills is also  
>> known
>> as a "Funicular Railway".
> The UK, of course, has different definitions.
> See, for example <>

See you missed my first post first paragraph, which ended: " and found  
that diff. areas of the world use diff. terminologies."

Wikipedia mentioned  that the Brits and Toronto use the term Tram for  
their single unit streetcars.

In most of the world, it's no longer germain, as in 1970 the powers  
that be declared most systems other than historical would henceforth  
be known as "Light Rail".

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