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On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 10:11 AM, Christine  Aguila
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> Yesterday, I finished a roll of 400 TX to clear the way for a new roll of
> Velvia 100 I recently purchased. I haven't decided what subject I'll shoot
> using this film, but I've been thinking about it. Something will come to
> me.
> You know, I've got some rolls that weren't in the fridge &, of course, 
> they
> are expired; should I try them anyway?

I have been shooting film that's up to 12 years out of date and
un-refrigerated. I overexpose by 1 to 4 stops and then have a lab
develop it for me. I then scan it and shred it. Been getting some fun
results, but I'd certainly not consider this for important work.

Don't bet anything important on outdated film, just enjoy having fun with 

Roger that, Godfrey.  Thanks for the advice.  Much appreciated. Cheers, 

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