OT: Question re GPS and geotagging

Mark Roberts mark at robertstech.com
Mon Oct 12 22:26:01 EDT 2009

Alastair Robertson wrote:

>I would have agreed with everything Mark said about the accuracy and -
>that is until I got my latest GPS a Garmin GPSmap 60Cx.  It works
>astonishingly well even in thick forest - the improvement is out of
>this world - it even works inside buldings!  It's something to do with
>the new chip that's inside

My current GPS is a Garmin Etrex Vista. Probably pretty close to
yours, though it's a year old. It does work under all kinds of
conditions where others don't, but the accuracy suffers, which is the
point. It's also way more advanced than what you can get built in to a
camera, which is what the original GSP thread started with.

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