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I don't mean to sound  rude, but if you don't even know whether you're
dealing with libraries or  catalogues are you likely to understand any
answers you're given? You really  need to learn more about Lightroom.

You don't need to copy the photos,  you just need to create a collection and
add the photos to the collection. A  collection is just a set of references
to the files you imported, it's not a  copy of the files.


Speaking of learning more,  I like the book I got just this past weekend.

It's probably more book  than some people want, but it covers EVERYTHING 
and is organized well and well  written. I find Scott Kelby has good starter 
books, but they ARE starter books  so they leave things out. Usually exactly 
the things I want to know. But one  might start with his Lightroom 2 book.

I have only read parts of this one  and flipped through it to see what it 
covers, but so far I would highly  recommend it.

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book by Martin  Evening.

Once I get through it, or parts of it I should know a lot more  than I do 
now. I've mainly been using Lightroom for cataloguing, but I am now I  am 
intrigued by its Develop module. I also want to know how snapshots work, and  
how I can do my own presets. All that is explained and more. Seems everything 
is  explained.

HTH, whoever, Marnie :-)  (Those that live no where near  Godfrey. Heh.)

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created them.  Albert Einstein  

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