GPS with your K7 [Scanned]

Doug Franklin jehosephat at
Mon Oct 12 17:27:11 EDT 2009

AlunFoto wrote:

> Absolutely. That's one accessory I envy the Nikonians, a GPS unit that
> writes directly to the recorded files.
> Some GPS synching software will write out XMP sidecar files to go with
> PEF, or write directly into the DNGs. That's not too bad either. :-)

Actually, I would generally prefer to have my separate "hiker's" GPS 
unit, unless all that same functionality was accessible through the 
camera's interface.  /Actually/, even if the functionality was there.

While a camera-specific GPS that writes to the EXIF data would be nice 
in some ways, I think I'd rather have some sort of "generic" data 
interface on each that allowed a normal GPS to provide the camera with 
the positional data.  The odds are, it'd end up as some sort of "neither 
fish nor fowl" device, with an abysmal operator interface.

So many of these things get to be like clocks ... every blasted device I 
have wastes time and processor power and battery life by, well, keeping 
time.  I don't need a clock on every freakin' device I own.  Especially 
since the airwaves are filled with time references.  If you've been 
messing about with personal computers long enough, you'll remember the 
early days of Windows when darned near every program showed a freakin' 
clock on the screen, wasting space, memory, compute, and power.

Drove me even battier than I started out then, and continues unabated. 
Creeping Featuritis.  Blech.

I've recently decided that I prefer the term "operator interface" to 
"user interface", in no small part because it reflects the sounds I so 
often make when presented with the abominations that pass for 
interfaces. :-)

DougF (KG4LMZ)

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