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The problem  is not getting them into a lightroom collection.
The problem is what happens  when I roll the calandar quarter's worth
of pictures off of the laptop.
I  will lose access to all my favorites for that time period.
Regards,  Bob  S.

Additional USB HD (with cases) are very cheap these  days. Or you buy the 
portable case and add a drive. I have one I to back my  photographs to and 
put in a safety deposit box. I am thinking of getting another  one and having 
two rotating back ups going.

I also have another one that  isn't that portable, external SATA linked HD, 
that I store most of my photos  on.

But an USB HD will hook up to both laptop and desktop.

Marnie  aka Doe :-)  And it's possible in LR to have different catalogues 
for  different things, say different drives, though I haven't tried that yet. 
But  it's possible.

We can't  solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them.  Albert Einstein  

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