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Marnie, I've read a couple  cropping suggestions for this image. With all 
due respect, I can't see cropping  any from the top or right. You couldn't 
remove much from the top without  threatening the upper right cornice of the 
far right building and I feel that  removing even a portion of the right edge 
will throw the image out of balance to  the right. A small amount might be 
removed from the bottom, but even that isn't  needed. A little too much and 
I'm afraid the image will appear top  heavy.


Thanks, Jack. I already cropped it  before showing it and any other 
cropping I felt removed too much from the bottom  (or top). So I agree. Unless I do 
an unrestricted, non-standard-photo-size  crop.

Actually, for its intended use, since I will probably put it on a  white 
background with no frame around it (i.e. a PDF "cover" page), it doesn't  
really matter. White will blend on white. It will only matter if I frame it,  
which I might do someday. But I don't mind the white on the right (although I  
wouldn't mind a roof line at the top going off to the right, to balance out 
the  sidewalk line going off to the right. So I may try Jessom's ? 
suggestion to do a  layer to add a little more density and see if I can bring up a 
faint hint of a  roof line.)

Thanks for taking a second look.

Marnie  :-)

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