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> Thanks! Yes, it  turned out to be a happy accident, at least regarding this
> location. Good thing  because I blew most of the rest of the shots. Heh.
> My other Great Grandpa  had a store too, in another small town in the area
> (but much bigger than this  one) for 13 years. For some reason he decided to
> branch out from cattle  ranching. But he couldn't keep the store going (it
> went under) and my other  Great Grandpa bought him out for something like
> 13-16 cents on the dollar and  made it the 3rd-4th store in his chain. The
> other one went back to just cattle  ranching, which he knew how to do.
> I have shots of that store too and am  now considering giving it the same
> look using PS techniques. Shots I had taken  of it previously that were NOT
> overexposed. :-)
> Put both of them on the  "cover" of the family history. The overexposure
> accident sort of gave me an  artistic theme.
> I am also fortunate this part of the world has changed  very little in the
> last 50 years+, and that there are still remainders, usually  complete
> remainders, of their store buildings, homes, and ranches to take  pictures of.
> Also fortunate that this little town is so  picturesque.
> Thanks also to ann, Boris, Brain, John, Malcolm, Chris, and  Bob. :-) I
> liked it, but was bit surprised at the overwhelming positive  reaction.
> I'll probably play with a little more cropping, getting rid of  the foliage
> under the tree, and vignetting, but I sort of like this the way it  is. I
> think the white spaces balance out. And it is truthful  reporting.
> Maybe I should have more photographic accidents.  Heh.
> Thanks for looking, Marnie aka Doe :-)

Hey Marmie,

You photo brought memories back. A couple of years ago my
grandparents' house was demolished after they passed away. I never got
the chance to take any photos of it (it's in Spain), and it pains me
every time I think about it. I have many childhood memories of the
place, and as memories in my mind they'll have to stay.

You're doing a good thing, Marmie.

Here's to happy accidents  :-)



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