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I think the image as is  might be "good enough" for a family publication.

It's still kind of  washed out, like it was printed from a badly 
underexposed  negative.

For me, the problem is the lack of detail in the foreground,  the side of 
the closest building, the washed out spots on the cornice of  great 
grandpa's store, whatever that white area under the foliage at the end  
of the street is and where the roof of the Emporium just disappears into  
the sky.

You might add a layer and set the blend mode to multiply to  give it more 
density. You could do two or three layers using layer masks to  add 
density to specific blown out areas.

I'd do that before doing the  B&W conversion.

And instead of taking the foliage out from under the  tree, maybe try 
adding foliage into the blown out  area.

Interesting idea. I would like a bit more detail  on the top of the 
Emporium and the side wall of the Grange. Not much, just a  little.

I'll try that and see what happens.

Thanks, Marnie  :-)

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