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Mon Oct 12 13:46:06 EDT 2009

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> On Oct 12, 2009, at 12:32 PM, William Robb wrote:
>> Jacqueline was a lot of fun to work with.
>> I'm having a bugger of a time with my monitor calibration, so I'm  not 
>> certain if the colour is off or not.
>> A bit of feedback regarding that would be appreciated.
>> The images are very heavily processed
>> Techie stuff:
>> K-7, 77mm LTD.
>> Enjoy
>> William Robb
> I like some of the poses. The white chair and light background is a  nice 
> touch.
> Overall, a bit contrasty and bright. Color leans a bit toward orange/ 
> brown skin tones. It could pass for natural, but I suspect you'll want  to 
> tweak it when you get your monitor situation back in order.

Hi Paul, thanks for the input.
She is from Chile, and is Spanish/Indian, so she is quite a bit darker 
skinned than yer average white girl. Brownish I can live with, as she has 
pretty brown skin, orange is not good at all.

William Robb 

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