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Nov Shutterbug review..VERY positive! 


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> From: Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb at cox.net>
> Subject: K2000
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> Date: Sunday, October 11, 2009, 11:07 PM
> After a small tumble my beloved *ist
> DL won't power up any more. I can get a refurb for $300.00,
> or a new K100D Super for a bit more but I think possibly an
> upgrade to a K2000 is in order. It's all I can afford.
> I've read the reviews, mostly positive. It's strange how
> most loved the image quality whereas a few said the jpegs
> straight out of the camera were pretty dreadful. Hopefully
> that's not sample to sample variation.
> What say you K2000 owners out there? What are the pros and
> cons of the K2000? Is it a step up from a *ist DL, which was
> my first autofocus SLR? None of the reviews had anything bad
> to say about that the image stabilization so it must be OK.
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