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I love this  shot! It has a fantastic old feel to it with that
overblown sky. I suspect  that if you'd taken the shot "properly", it
wouldn't have looked unique such  as it does now.

I wouldn't mess with the tree, but maybe a bit of  vignetting would add
a nice touch, but vignetting is up to taste (I happen to  like it).


Thanks! Yes, it  turned out to be a happy accident, at least regarding this 
location. Good thing  because I blew most of the rest of the shots. Heh.

My other Great Grandpa  had a store too, in another small town in the area 
(but much bigger than this  one) for 13 years. For some reason he decided to 
branch out from cattle  ranching. But he couldn't keep the store going (it 
went under) and my other  Great Grandpa bought him out for something like 
13-16 cents on the dollar and  made it the 3rd-4th store in his chain. The 
other one went back to just cattle  ranching, which he knew how to do.

I have shots of that store too and am  now considering giving it the same 
look using PS techniques. Shots I had taken  of it previously that were NOT 
overexposed. :-)

Put both of them on the  "cover" of the family history. The overexposure 
accident sort of gave me an  artistic theme.

I am also fortunate this part of the world has changed  very little in the 
last 50 years+, and that there are still remainders, usually  complete 
remainders, of their store buildings, homes, and ranches to take  pictures of. 
Also fortunate that this little town is so  picturesque.

Thanks also to ann, Boris, Brain, John, Malcolm, Chris, and  Bob. :-) I 
liked it, but was bit surprised at the overwhelming positive  reaction.

I'll probably play with a little more cropping, getting rid of  the foliage 
under the tree, and vignetting, but I sort of like this the way it  is. I 
think the white spaces balance out. And it is truthful  reporting.

Maybe I should have more photographic accidents.  Heh.

Thanks for looking, Marnie aka Doe :-)

> I, oops,  accidentally,  took a whole digital "roll" overexposed. I 
> I  had it set on AV and the  dial had been pushed to manual. (That  won't
> happen again, now I will check every  time.)
>  Using Lightroom and suggestions from a new Lightroom book I got, I   was
> actually able to recover a couple.
> The rest had  interesting effects.  I sort of like this one.
> Certainly  good enough for the "cover" of a PDF I  am doing on my family
>  history (for family  members).
> Tell  me  if you agree.
> (I've thought about taking the foliage out from  under  the tree, but 
> that might not be an improvement. I've  also thought about  adding
> vignetting, ditto, might not improve  it.)
> Marnie aka Doe   :-)

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