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Mon Oct 12 05:30:26 EDT 2009

Eactivist at wrote:
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> bruce.walker at writes:
> I thought the old DA  50-200 kit glass acquitted itself rather well here  
> ...
> K20D, DA 50-200mm @ 73mm, f/7.1, 1/200sec,  ISO 400.
> Post in ACR.
> -bmw
> ===============
> That's an odd  effect on the water, I like it. (Not sure how to explain 
> what I mean, but it's  very light blue and reflective.) I'd like to see a 
> little more detail on the  shadows on the end of the truck (root ball), though.
> Marnie aka Doe  :-)

I had a circular polarizer on which deepened the colour and contrast 
somewhat.  Yeah, I was concerned that the root ball detail was lost when 
I cranked the Blacks slider, but it revealed those deep blues and I 
decided that the strong silhouette shape was worth more.  Always 
tradeoffs! :-)

Appreciate your comments, Marnie.


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