GESO: inside out

Bob W pdml at
Mon Oct 12 04:01:24 EDT 2009

> a slideshow i've made using photos some of which you may have 
> already seen. i'm very interested in opinions, especially of 
> those who haven't seen many of these yet
> what do you think, does it work, is the tempo ok, moodswings 
> tolerable, etc...
> thanks for viewing,
> best,
> luka

I think it's terrific. I don't agree with the people who said it lacked a
theme - to me the theme is clearly this group of people, where they live and
the relationships between them and the place. I do think some of the photos
could be removed to strengthen the them. For instance, the dogs are a but
discordant, but  on the whole I find the whole project fascinating and I
love your composition and use of colour.

You need to talk to a magazine editor about the work, get him/her to publish
the photos and work with the editor on the best way of making a coherent


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