PESO - Great Grandpa's Store

Malcolm Smith malcolmsmith1 at
Mon Oct 12 02:42:32 EDT 2009

Marnie wrote:

> Tell  me if you agree.
> (I've thought about taking the foliage out from under  the tree, but
> think
> that might not be an improvement. I've also thought about  adding
> vignetting, ditto, might not improve it.)

I'd really leave it just as it is.

I've seen a number of photographs over the last week, which have been
tweaked/cropped/additions put in (such as family members who couldn't have
been there). I wonder in 20 years time how many will look back at family
photos and see something that never actually existed at the time. I know you
aren't suggesting doing anything like that, but I would leave it as is. And
it is great as it is too.


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