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Mon Oct 12 02:01:56 EDT 2009

Thanks for the story.  It remined me that my great grandparents came
from Ireland looking for gold during the rush in cental Victoria in the
mid 1800's.  The old house they lived in is still there but slowly
decaying.  I'll have to do (another) road trip and get some decent
photos before it's gone - the ones I took about 15 years ago aren't all
that special.

But back to your image.  I agree it will make a great cover for a family
history (I've been down that path too - it can be addictive!).  I don't
think a vignette will improve it but you could experiment.  Taking out
the foliage under the tree could give a 'cleaner look - worth pursuing,
I think.



Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia


On Sun, 11 Oct 2009 23:31 -0400, Eactivist at wrote:
> Hmmm, long story, I'll try to shorten  it.
> The two buildings on the end right are closed and abandoned and have 
> been 
> for some time. The store on the left end (with a bar) is still open. It
> is  
> a lot newer that than the others (relatively speaking).
> This is a very,  very small town (basically five buildings) that is
> verging 
> on being a ghost  town. The Emporium & Bar and the Post Office (not
> shown) 
> struggle to keep  going. It is in Northern Northern California. 
> I stopped by at the end of  my Oregon/Washington trip, in the valley
> where 
> my father grew up, and again took  some photos. I have shown a few before
> on 
> list.
> The middle building is my  great grandfather's store. He and my other
> great 
> grandfather both came to CA for  the Gold Rush. Neither made any money
> from 
> finding gold, but one ended up having  a very successful cattle ranch,
> and 
> this one ended up opening the first chain  stores in Northern California 
> (general stores). 
> I, oops, accidentally,  took a whole digital "roll" overexposed. I
> thought 
> I had it set on AV and the  dial had been pushed to manual. (That won't 
> happen again, now I will check every  time.)
> Using Lightroom and suggestions from a new Lightroom book I got, I  was 
> actually able to recover a couple. 
> The rest had interesting effects.  I sort of like this one.
> Certainly good enough for the "cover" of a PDF I  am doing on my family 
> history (for family  members).
> Tell  me if you agree. 
> (I've thought about taking the foliage out from under  the tree, but
> think 
> that might not be an improvement. I've also thought about  adding 
> vignetting, ditto, might not improve it.)

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