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Sun Oct 11 21:00:12 EDT 2009

Hi Marnie-

Thanks for the feedback and instructions. PP is a tough area these
days - i've loaded Lightroom, but think I need either more RAM or a
faster processor to run it.  I have Adobe PS Elements, the original,
but didn't like the interface of PS 4 (or was it 5?).  At this point,
I'm just mucking around in Picasa.

I'm going to try your suggestions in Picasa and see what I get.  If
Godfrey runs his class again, I might try it.

- Pat

On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 3:50 PM,  <Eactivist at> wrote:
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> Starting to post a  few results from my recent Washington, DC trip.  We
> had a discussion of  lenses to bring (DA 16-45 vs DA 12-24).  This was
> taken with the  12-24:
> MGP3944.JPG
> -  Pat
> =============
> I like this image, like the way you got the  monument and the capitol and
> flags in. Like the way it leans. Like the way your  SO spread eagle on the
> monument. It's funny and/or seems to say something  significant.
> But, I feel, it needs post processing for you to punch it  up, because it
> did that digital thing of turning the sky too dark, too blue. The  whole
> thing needs to be much lighter, to show up better.
> I bumped up the  fill light and highlights in LR and bumped up the blacks
> as well. (Probably  needs more sharpening than I gave it too.)
> First was too gray and  dark.
> I also tried  some very dramatic B&W variations (not showing here). So you
> could go that  route too.
> Just needs some work. (I might clone out part of the person on  the right
> too).
> HTH, Marnie  :-)

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