PESO: Mazda 626

Ken Waller kwaller at
Sun Oct 11 20:35:24 EDT 2009

Unless you're trying to hide some badly done body work I'd suggest you 
lighten this up a bit.

If I was interested in the car I'd also like a 3/4 shot showing the front 
along with the side.

Kenneth Waller

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>> I'm getting ready to sell this Mazda, and I took the photo to put it
>> on Craigs List.
>> I think it's better than most of the photos other people upload for
>> their cars, but I'm biased. Ya'll tell me what you think.
>> Original plan was to shoot during an overcast to get soft light, but
>> by the time I got it set up, the sky was mostly clear, and the light
>> was pretty harsh.
>> Backup plan, I brought along some stands and a big roll of white
>> nylon rip-stop like they make softboxes out figuring to use it to
>> soften the light, but found out I needed a LOT more sandbags than I
>> had to keep the wind from blowing it over.
>> I cloned out power-lines that were distracting. Still having problems
>> with colorspace converting to SRGB for the web.
>> Anyway - shot with K10D, Tokina ATX PRO 28 - 70 zoom.
> Duh!
> Bet it'd work better if I included the URL for the photo

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