PESO: Street shooting in and around Boston

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Theriault is a mystic  Canadian street shooter and sometime participant
on this list.
His past is  murky and aldegedly includes lawyering and episodic flings
with bunny  ears.
He is currently hiding as a bike messenger in Toronto.
Before he  started shooting with digital, his film work included
many shots with a  creative use of blur and tilted angles.
Less of these lately...
Sometimes  he is refered to as Knarf.
His favorite photographer is Henri  Cartier-Bresson.
His work has made a positive impact on my  photography.
Regards,  Bob S.

Heh. Frank has  become a concept, not just a person. This means something, 
but not sure exactly  what.

Marnie aka Doe  ;-)

We can't solve  problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them. Albert  Einstein  

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