PESO: Street shooting in and around Boston

Bob W pdml at
Sun Oct 11 18:07:00 EDT 2009

> Toine,
> I didn't express my self clearly, sorry. I paid $38 to go 
> whale watching in the morning; when we returned to port is 
> when we walked around Boston and I had the chance to take 
> these photos. I said I wanted my $38 back because we briefly 
> saw 2 whales (could have been big pieces of black rubber too) 
> and I got no decent pics. I had been wanting to go whale 
> watching for a long time, both for the personal and 
> photographic experience, and I was let down on both counts.
> I could have just stayed in Boston all along and spent more 
> time on the street  :-)

Some very nice pictures there.

I went whale-watching off Cape Town. It was great. Go there next time.

Helpful Bob

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