RIP: Marty Forscher

paul stenquist pnstenquist at
Sun Oct 11 17:31:58 EDT 2009

The world's best camera repairman has left us. As many of you know,  
Marty Forscher headed up Professional Camera Repair Service in New  
York for many years. He was the guy who kept the cameras of the  
world's finest photographers in perfect working order. When I was  
working at Hearst Magazine Division for peanuts in the early eighties,  
one of the perks of the job was free camera repairs at Marty's place.  
He rebuilt my Speed Graphic with its Wollensak lens and my Mamiya TLR  
leaf shutter lenses. The Mamiya and its lenses are long gone, but I  
still have the Speed Graphic and that old Wollensak 127 mm lens. Both  
are still working great. The cameras leaf shutter work, and the  
Wollensak's ap blades are smooth and dry. The Compur leaf shutter  
behind the Wollensak lens still seems to be perfect at every speed. At  
the time, Marty told me the Compur shutter in that lens and the  
aperture blades should still be working perfectly long after I was  
gone from this place. Well, Marty is gone, but the Speed Graphic and I  
endure. Perhaps I should shoot a 4x5 in memory of Marty.

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